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                    Department of Tourism and Health Resort Management
                               Institute of Geography and Spatial Management
                                                Jagiellonian University

                                  Gronostajowa 7, 30-387 Krakow, Poland

                                  phone: (+48) 12 664 52 90, 12 664 52 45
                                  fax: (+48) 12 664 53 86

The Department of Tourism and Health Resort Management functions under the Institute of Geography and Spatial Management of the Jagiellonian University since 1979, at first as the Department of Tourism Geography, and since 2000 under its current name. Research and educational activities of the Department refer to the Jagiellonian University College of Tourism that operated in 1936-1939. The Department's research covers a wide range of issues concerning the conditions, trends and forms of tourism development in Poland and the world, as well as the relationships between tourism and the natural environment and the various spheres of social and economic development.

Research studies at the Department of Tourism and Health Resort Management are multidirectional and regard different aspects of broadly defined tourism. Research topics can be divided into the following thematic groups:
- tourism in mountainous areas of Europe, with particular emphasis on the Carpathians,
- tourism in historic cities, here also development of tourism in the space of Krakow,
- sustainable development of tourism in tourist destinations and regions,
- development of tourist function of natural protected areas: national parks and landscape parks,
- tourism and recreation in suburban areas of large agglomerations,
- tourism in the functional and spatial structure of a locality,
- competitiveness of tourist destinations,
- local authorities' actions for tourism development,
- development of cross-border tourism and cooperation in the field of tourism in the Polish-Czech-Slovak border region,
- health resort tourism and functional transformations of health resorts in Poland and Europe,
- the development of rural tourism and agritourism,
- theoretical and methodological studies in the field of tourism geography.
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