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Reconstructions of climate and its modelling

Reconstructions of climate and its modelling

Obrębska-Starkel B. (red.), 2000, Reconstructions of climate and its modelling, Prace Geograficzne, z. 107.

Recenzje: Tadeusz Niedźwiedź, Jerzy Pruchnicki

ISBN 83-88424-03-3

Język publikacji: angielski

Cena: 23.10 PLN (w tym 5% VAT).

Publikacja jest do nabycia w Instytucie Geografii i Gospodarki Przestrzennej UJ. Istnieje również możliwość złożenia zamówienia przez internet. Przy zamówieniach on line do ceny książki doliczany jest koszt wysyłki (Poczta Polska).

Spis treści

Barbara Obrębka-Starkel 

 s. 9-10


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Antoni Tokarczuk 

 s. 13-18


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Franciszek Ziejka 

 s. 19-22


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Gaston R. Demarée, Tania Verhoeve, Pieter-Jan Lachaert, Erik Thoen 

 s. 41-48

The long-term temperature time-series of Central Belgium (1767-1999)

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Lawrence C. Nkemdirim 

 s. 49-54

A matter of equity

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Leszek Starkel 

 s. 55-62

Heavy rains and floods in Europe during last millennium

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (60 KB)

Rudolf Brázdil, Petr Dobrovolný 

 s. 65-70

Chronology of strong wind events in the Czech Lands during the 16th-19th centuries

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (181 KB)

Rudolf Brázdil, Oldřich Kotyza 

 s. 71-78

Utilisation of the Louny economic sources for the reconstruction of winter temperature patterns in 1518-1621

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Alexander Krenke, Margarita Chernavskaya 

 s. 79-84

Extreme climatic phenomena over the Russian plain during the medieval warming and the Little Ice age according to documentary records

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Adriaan M.J. de Kraker 

 s. 85-100

Storm surges, high tides and storms as extreme weather events, their impact on the coastal zone of the North Sea and the human response, 1350 to 2000

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Konrad Gajewski 

 s. 101-106

Climate of the last millennium in eastern North America and impacts on the vegetation

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Alain Gioda, María del Rosario Prieto, Ana Forenza 

 s. 107-112

Archival climate history survey in the Central Andes (Potosi, 16th-17th centuries)

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Danuta Limanówka 

 s. 113-118

The transformation of thermal descriptive characteristics in Cracow from 16th century into the quantitative evaluation

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (502 KB)

Jan Munzar 

 s. 119-126

Selected historical floods in Moravia in the pre-instrumental era in Central-European context

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (129 KB)

Řyvind Nordli 

 s. 127-130

Climate analysis based on Norwegian proxy data

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (99 KB)

Grzegorz Skrzypek, Mariusz O. Jędrysek 

 s. 131-136

Climatic variation in the last millennium in Poland: 13C peat profiles

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Gabriel Wójcik, Jacek Majorowicz, Kazimierz Marciniak, Rajmund Przybylak, Jan Šafanda, Andrzej Zielski 

 s. 137-148

The last millennium climate change in Northern Poland derived from well temperature profiles, tree-rings and instrumental data

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (355 KB)

Vesselin Alexandrov 

 s. 151-156

Climate variability in Bulgaria during the 20th century

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (113 KB)

Zuzanna Bielec 

 s. 157-164

The role of atmospheric circulation in the development of the long-term thunderstorm occurrence variability in Poland during 1949-1998

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (339 KB)

Grażyna Bil 

 s. 165-172

Changes of convective weather found in Katowice (1966-1996)

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (323 KB)

Rudolf Brázdil, Petr Štěpánek, Vít Květoň 

 s. 173-178

Air temperature fluctuation in the Czech Republic in the period 1961-1999

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (153 KB)

Mikhail Budyko, Irina Baikova, Nina Yefimova, Larissa Strokina 

 s. 179-184

Analysis of climate changes in cloudiness and surface air temperature for 1967-1995 in Russia

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (41 KB)

Tanja Cegnar, Metka Roethel Kovač 

 s. 185-190

Beginnings of instrumental meteorological observations in Slovenia

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (43 KB)

Jan Degirmendžić 

 s. 191-198

Quasi-monthly Air Temperature cyclicity in the lower stratosphere

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (47 KB)

Peter Domonkos, Judit Zoboki 

 s. 199-206

Climate changes during the 20th century in Hungary

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (332 KB)

Maria Dubicka, Bronisław Głowicki 

 s. 207-212

Air temperature and cloudiness at Śnieżka between 1901 and 1998

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (610 KB)

Małgorzata Falarz 

 s. 213-222

An attempt of reconstruction of nival conditions on the turn of the 19th century in Cracow and Zakopane

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (809 KB)

Ashot Volodia Khoetsian 

 s. 223-228

Greenhouse effect and global changes of climate (on the example of the Republic of Armenia (RA))

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (120 KB)

Leszek Kowanetz, Janina Trepińska 

 s. 229-234

Meteorological instruments in the Astronomical Observatory of Jagiellonian University in 18th and 19th century

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (104 KB)

Krzysztof Kożuchowski, Elwira Żmudzka 

 s. 235-242

Vegetation and climate in Poland in the 1990s: Variations of the normalised difference vegetation index, air temperature, sunshine and precipitation

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (439 KB)

Dorota Matuszko 

 s. 243-250

Long-term observation of cloud cover in Cracow (1792-1999)

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (374 KB)

Rajmund Przybylak 

 s. 251-258

Air temperature in the Canadian Arctic in the mid-nineteenth century based on data from expeditions

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (338 KB)

Jan Tamulewicz 

 s. 259-266

"Share" of temperature of particular months in the annual temperature in Poznań in the period 1848-1997

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (677 KB)

Sakari Tuhkanen 

 s. 267-280

Climatic change and the Nordic countries, especially in the light of mean temperatures for the normal periods 1931-60 and 1961-90

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (445 KB)

Robert Twardosz 

 s. 281-288

Pluvial conditions in Cracow at the end of the Little Ice Age

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (274 KB)

Miroslav Vysoudil 

 s. 289-296

Long-term atmospheric rainfall fluctuation in Northern Moravia (Czech Republic) 1881-1980

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (401 KB)

Zygmunt Wilczek 

 s. 297-304

Comparison of cloudiness types for neighbouring airports

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (284 KB)

Joanna Bac-Bronowicz 

 s. 307-314

The problem of determination of the boundary line for climatological regions in Lower Silesia

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (275 KB)

Roman Corobov 

 s. 315-324

Climate change projections as input for the assessment of impacts on regional systems

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (1.0 MB)

Roman Corobov, Alla Nicolenco 

 s. 325-332

Spatial presentation of regional climate change information

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (209 KB)

Traute Crüger, Hans von Storch 

 s. 333-338

Development of a downscaling model for estimation of an 'artificial ice core' derived from large scale parameters of a 1000 year GCM run

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (34 KB)

Annick Douguédroit 

 s. 339-344

The Mediterranean oscillation in winter

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (110 KB)

Izabela Dyras, Bożena Łapeta 

 s. 345-350

New generation meteorological satellites - potential application for climatological research

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (355 KB)

Izabela Dyras, Bożena Łapeta 

 s. 351-356

Satellite instruments providing climatological data

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (262 KB)

Krzysztof Fortuniak 

 s. 357-364

Regularities in the Polish temperature time series and climate prediction or reconstruction

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (53 KB)

Małgorzata Liszewska 

 s. 365-372

Examples of reconstructions of Polish climate by GCMS and projections for future

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (469 KB)

Józef Edward Mojski 

 s. 373-378

Forecasts of the morphogenetic processes' evolution in Poland

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (40 KB)

Tadeusz Niedźwiedź 

 s. 379-390

Variability of the atmospheric circulation above Central Europe in the light of selected indices

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (467 KB)

Marek Nowosad 

 s. 391-396

An attempt to determine the changes of the circulation seasons presented upon the example of the Upper Vistula River basin

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (411 KB)

Janusz Olejnik, Frank Eulenstein, Matthias Willms 

 s. 397-406

Mezoscale heat and water balance structure under present and future climate conditions - catchment case study in southern part of Germany

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (533 KB)

Janusz Olejnik, Jacek Leśny, Andrzej Kędziora 

 s. 407-414

The method of estimation of Bowen ratio areal distribution by parameterization based on meteorological and land-use data

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (367 KB)

Marzena Osuch 

 s. 415-422

Comparison of mean sea level pressure from GCMS against re-analysis for Central Europe

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (1.7 MB)

Nadezhda A. Shumova 

 s. 423-428

On intensity and recurrence of droughts in the forest-steppe and steppe zones

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (122 KB)

Jerzy Andrzej Trapp, Andrzej Wyszkowski, Michał Marosz 

 s. 429-436

Role of the index of vertical changeability of wind in the dynamics of macro-, meso- and topoclimate of the Baltic sea shore

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (494 KB)

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