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Studies in local and regional development

Studies in local and regional development

Domański B. (red.), 2000, Studies in local and regional development, Prace Geograficzne, z. 106.

Język publikacji: angielski

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David Turnock 

 s. 7-34

Globalisation: regional and rural development in Eastern Europe

Globalizacja - rozwój regionów i obszarów wiejskich w Europie Wschodniej

Summary: It is now generally recognised that despite the reality of a global world, local variations persist. Indeed, individual communities appear to respond to the inevitability of a global competition by highlighting their distinct social-cultural and economic characteristics and by safeguarding traditional political behaviour and Ťways of getting things doneť. This approach is adopted to interpret the East European transition which exhibits a general tendency towards pluralism, privatisation, foreign investment and EU membership; while retaining many distinctive local characteristics with the ŤBalkan Problemť as perhaps the clearest example. The paper examines the trends in East European politics over the past decade before dealing with progress in regional and rural development. This is seen as a crucial facet of the transition, given the inevitability of larger and more highly mechanised farms and reduced labour demands. Yet while regional and rural planning is clearly essential - and is now part of the discourse which candidate countries must pursue in their dealings with Bruxelles - there are no model solutions. The paper offers a number of perspectives and approaches which will have to be evaluated at the grass-roots by each civil society as part of the ongoing dialogue between the global and the local.

Słowa kluczowe (w języku angielskim): regional development, rural areas, East European politics.

Prace Geograficzne, 2000, z. 106, s. 7-34.

Instytut Geografii i Gospodarki Przestrzennej UJ

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Bolesław Domański 

 s. 35-54

The impact of spatial and social qualities on the reproduction of local economic success: the case of the path dependent development of Gliwice

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (969 KB)

Krzysztof Gwosdz 

 s. 55-72

The Image of Upper Silesia in Geography Textbooks 1921-1998

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (568 KB)

Mirosław Mika 

 s. 73-98

Tourism as a factor in the transformation the natural environment: research state

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Lidia Luchter 

 s. 99-118

Development and conditions of entrepreneurship in the use of renewable sources of energy in Poland

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Maria Soja, Andrzej Zborowski 

 s. 119-140

Selected issues of housing, infrastructure and land use in the Raba River catchment basin

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Robert Faracik 

 s. 141-150

Archaeological monuments as tourist destinations. The case of Cracow and its environs

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Anna Warych-Juras, Arkadiusz Kołoś 

 s. 151-168

Selected issues of the spatial mobility of the population of Sandomierz and Tarnobrzeg

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Sławomir Kuliś 

 s. 169-196

The development of Stalowa Wola: the case of spatial evolution of the Polish industrial town

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Robert Guzik 

 s. 197-216

The spatial image of crime in the Cracow press

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