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Studies in physical geography

Studies in physical geography

Obrębska-Starkel B. (red.), 2000, Studies in physical geography, Prace Geograficzne, z. 105.

ISBN 83-88424-01-7

Język publikacji: angielski

Cena: 25.20 PLN (w tym 5% VAT).

Publikacja jest do nabycia w Instytucie Geografii i Gospodarki Przestrzennej UJ. Istnieje również możliwość złożenia zamówienia przez internet. Przy zamówieniach on line do ceny książki doliczany jest koszt wysyłki (Poczta Polska).

Spis treści

Anita Bokwa, Danuta Limanówka 

 s. 9-18

Weather observations carried by Michał of Wiślica in Cracow in the years 1527-1551

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Robert Twardosz 

 s. 19-72

The long term variability of the daily precipitation in Cracow in relation to synoptic situations

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Zuzanna Bielec 

 s. 73-84

Daily course and synoptic characterisation of thunderstorms in Cracow in the period 1896-1995

\"textZarys treści Pełny tekst (295 KB)

Dorota Matuszko 

 s. 85-110

Frequency of occurrence of particular cloud genera at noon and during certain synoptic situations in Cracow

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (2.2 MB)

Katarzyna Piotrowicz 

 s. 111-124

The differentiation of thermal seasons in Cracow

\"textZarys treści Pełny tekst (522 KB)

Adam Michniewski 

 s. 125-136

The comparison of the minimum temperature values in Cracow at the Botanical Garden and Balice Airport stations for the period 1966-1995

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Leszek Kowanetz 

 s. 137-164

On the method of determining the climatic water balance in mountainous areas, with an example from the Polish Carpathians

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (413 KB)

Janina Trepińska, Leszek Kowanetz 

 s. 165-182

Dependence of wind direction and speed on the orography in the western part of the Beskidy Mountains

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (734 KB)

Rafał Bąkowski 

 s. 183-192

Mountain and valley wind system and 'Liptów winds' in the Sucha Woda Valley in the Polish Tatra Mountains

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (130 KB)

Janina Trepińska, Rafał Bąkowski 

 s. 193-202

The case of the foehn wind in Zakopane and Cracow from November 6-9, 1997

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (452 KB)

Tadeusz Sarna 

 s. 203-210

Characterization of snow conditions in Zakopane and the designation of favourable periods for cross country and downhill skiing

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Jarosław Balon 

 s. 211-234

Physico-geographic vertical zones in the Polish Tatra Mts

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Krystyna German 

 s. 235-256

Functioning of flysch geosystems in a vicinity of Żegocina under extreme precipitation-flood conditions of 9 july 1997

\"textZarys treści Pełny tekst (401 KB)

Wojciech Maciejowski 

 s. 257-286

Changes in water conditions in the Racławka and Szklarka drainage basins in 1933-1998

\"textZarys treści Pełny tekst (1.7 MB)

Marek Strojny 

 s. 287-298

Analysis of functioning of selected catenas at the margin of Pogórze Wielickie upland

\"textZarys treści Pełny tekst (189 KB)

Krzysztof Sobiecki 

 s. 299-320

The form of valley floors in the upper Wisłoka basin

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Vytautas Dvareckas 

 s. 321-328

Development of river valleys in Lithuania

Rozwój dolin rzecznych na Litwie

Summary: Fluvial landforms in Lithuania are closely related to the deglaciation, melting and retreat of the last Scandinavian ice sheet (Nemunas glaciation). This is confirmed primarily by the geomorphology of modern river valleys, which formed gradually as the ice sheet retreated and ice-blocked lakes were drained, a process, which started approximately 15000 years ago. In order to differentiate the base from the alluvium, the author uses the spectrogram method.

Słowa kluczowe (w języku angielskim): river valleys, Lithuania.

Prace Geograficzne, 2000, z. 105, s. 321-328.

Instytut Geografii i Gospodarki Przestrzennej UJ

ISBN 83-88424-01-7

Pełny tekst (286 KB)

Jolanta Święchowicz 

 s. 329-346

Rainfall conditions for soil wash occurrence on the slope in Łazy (Carpathian Foothills)

\"textZarys treści Pełny tekst (812 KB)

Anna Michno 

 s. 347-368

Impact of the neolitic settlement on the ground relief in the Małoszówka catchment basin

\"textZarys treści Pełny tekst (481 KB)

Elżbieta Gorczyca 

 s. 369-390

Impact of tourism on the high-mountain relief. Case of the Czerwone Wierchy Massif and Regle Zakopiańskie in the Western Tatras, Poland

\"textZarys treści Pełny tekst (851 KB)

Marek Drewnik 

 s. 391-402

Ectohumus horizons and the rate of organic matter decomposition in The Carpathian soils

\"textSummary Pełny tekst (912 KB)

Rafał Szmuc 

 s. 403-412

Geomorphological and hydrological conditions of the genesis of mountain Mollic Gleysols (on the example of the Western Bieszczady Mts)

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