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Jan Paweł II -

Jan Paweł II - "Pielgrzym wśród pielgrzymów"

Jackowski A. (red.), 1997, Jan Paweł II - "Pielgrzym wśród pielgrzymów", Peregrinus Cracoviensis, z.5..

Nakład wyczerpany.

ISSN 1425-1922

Język publikacji: polski

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 s. 7-10


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Jan Nalaskowski OSPPE 

 s. 11-38

Sanktuarium w nauczaniu Jana Pawła II

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Antoni Jackowski, Elżbieta Bilska, Ludwik Kaszowski OSPPE, Alicja Marciniak, Halina Matlak, Izabela Sołjan 

 s. 39-60

Geografia pielgrzymek Jana Pawła II

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ks. Adam Kubiś 

 s. 61-72

Przesłania pielgrzymkowe Jana Pawła II do krakowskiego środowiska teologicznego

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ks. Stefan Misiniec 

 s. 73-88

Przesłania pielgrzymkowe Jana Pawła II do świata kultury

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Oktawian Roman Jusiak OFM 

 s. 89-102

Młodzieńcze pielgrzymki Karola Wojtyły do Kalwarii Zebrzydowskiej a fenomen Sanktuarium Kalwaryjskiego

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Stanisław Dziedzic 

 s. 103-116

Słowiański pieśniarz na gościńcach Pana. O młodzieńczych peregrynacjach w juweniliach poetyckich Karola Wojtyły

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Edmund Świerczek OFM 

 s. 117-126

Znaczenie Sanktuarium Kalwaryjskiego w wypowiedziach i tekstach Ojca Świętego Jana Pawła II

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ks. Józef Makselon 

 s. 127-138

Wpływ Jana Pawła II na Polaków

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ks. Maciej Ostrowski 

 s. 139-154

Turystyka w myśli Jana Pawła II

Tourism in the Views of John Paul II

Summary: The author presents John Paul II' s opinions concerning the Christian values of to- urism. The Pope has expressed them in about forty different documents and speeches. Those were usually the pronouncements made during holiday meetings with tourist groups, but also official statements directed to tourist organisations and activists, for example during the World Congresses of Touristic Priesthood. John Paul II' s words reflect his personal experiences as a youth and as a priest and then a bishop of Cracow, when he used to practise tourism alone and with various groups of people. The Pope sees tourism not only as an important social event but also as a spiritual experience, both theological and moral. As such, tourism plays an important role both in shaping human character and in the true, religious formation of a man. For a Christian, tourism is a way of approaching God, and because of it a man may discover the presence of God and enliven his faith and prayers by communing with nature and entering the spheres of the creations of Christian culture. He can develop his personality and improve his morals and important features of his character. It also gives him possibilities for reflections upon the sense of his own existence. Communion with beautiful nature and culture refines a man's spirit. The Pope also stresses the role of tourism in a community-forming process. It builds human relations in micro and macro scale, making it possible to understand that all people are brothers in the same human vocation, that they are children of the same God. It creates numerous possibilities for exchanging material goods, for discussions, and for teaching mutual responsibility. The Pope calls the Church as a whole to care more actively for touristic priesthood and missionary activities in this sphere. The discovery of the Christian values of tourism, the proper evaluation of moral problems connected with tourism, and educating people how to responsibly spend their free time are all tasks not only for priests and parishes but also for civil apostolates, especially Catholic associations.

Peregrinus Cracoviensis, 1997, z.5, s. 139-154.

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ISSN 1425-1922

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