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Jan Paweł II -

Jan Paweł II - "Pielgrzym wśród pielgrzymów"

Jackowski A. (red.), 1997, Jan Paweł II - "Pielgrzym wśród pielgrzymów", Peregrinus Cracoviensis, z.5..

Nakład wyczerpany.

ISSN 1425-1922

Język publikacji: polski

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 s. 7-10


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Jan Nalaskowski OSPPE 

 s. 11-38

Sanktuarium w nauczaniu Jana Pawła II

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Antoni Jackowski, Elżbieta Bilska, Ludwik Kaszowski OSPPE, Alicja Marciniak, Halina Matlak, Izabela Sołjan 

 s. 39-60

Geografia pielgrzymek Jana Pawła II

The Geography of John Paul II's Pilgrimages

Summary: Missionary pilgrimages of John Paul II are undoubtedly one of the most significant features of His pontificate and surely constitute a new and thus far unknown on such a grand scale, distinguishing mark in the history of the Church and papacy. The present pontificate is often called "the boundless pontificate" and the Pope' s pilgrimages are considered by theologians to be an extremely important factor in the evangelization of the world. The Holy Father' s pilgrimages are the subject matter of considerations and studies of the representatives of various academic disciplines. It seems proper to pay some attention to geographical studies as well, as in their essence they deal with all sorts of wanderings in time and space. Besides, the Pope himself recognises in a way geographical sciences, very often mentioning "the geography of papal prayers", "the geography of faith" or "the geography of faith and Marian religiousness". Having analysed all source- materials concerning the pilgrimages of John Paul II, the authors of this work have reached the conclusion that the most proper form of their geographical interpretation will be a publication titled "The Atlas of John Paul II' s Pilgrimages (1978-1996)" presenting maps, cartograms, figures and tables, constituting a dimensional and statistical illustration of the papal pilgrimages. We would like to complete and publish "The Atlas" for the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of John Paul II' s pontificate. At present we are presenting merely the outline of the concept and rough fragments of the planned "Atlas", hoping for remarks and comments from interested parties during the further stages of work. During His pontificate John Paul II has held (until the end of 1996) seventy-two Papal Pilgrimages, reaching almost 120 countries around the world. To complete this picture, one should not forget 130 pilgrimages around Italy and numerous papal visits to the parishes and churches of Rome. Most often the Pope visited Europe (36 pilgrimages) and Africa (14 visits), then Latin America (13), Asia (7), North America (6), Australia and Oceania (3 times). During His visits the Holy Father shows uncommon and multidirectional activity. He has celebrated more than 400 holy masses, participated in almost 550 other religious services, and held more than 1,300 meetings both with the authorities of the countries visited and also with representatives of various social, professional and artistic circles. Among other aspects of papal pilgrimages two seem to be of utmost importance. One is entrusting the visited countries, regions or continents to the care of the Virgin Mary, and the second, the broadly understood ecumenical activity of the Holy Father. It is certain that the Pope`s deep spirituality and Marian faith, which find their fruition in His missionary visits would not be possible without the earlier, childhood, youthful and later priestly pilgrimages of Karol Wojtyła to many Polish and foreign sanctuaries.

Peregrinus Cracoviensis, 1997, z.5, s. 39-60.

Instytut Geografii i Gospodarki Przestrzennej UJ

ISSN 1425-1922

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ks. Adam Kubiś 

 s. 61-72

Przesłania pielgrzymkowe Jana Pawła II do krakowskiego środowiska teologicznego

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ks. Stefan Misiniec 

 s. 73-88

Przesłania pielgrzymkowe Jana Pawła II do świata kultury

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Oktawian Roman Jusiak OFM 

 s. 89-102

Młodzieńcze pielgrzymki Karola Wojtyły do Kalwarii Zebrzydowskiej a fenomen Sanktuarium Kalwaryjskiego

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Stanisław Dziedzic 

 s. 103-116

Słowiański pieśniarz na gościńcach Pana. O młodzieńczych peregrynacjach w juweniliach poetyckich Karola Wojtyły

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Edmund Świerczek OFM 

 s. 117-126

Znaczenie Sanktuarium Kalwaryjskiego w wypowiedziach i tekstach Ojca Świętego Jana Pawła II

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ks. Józef Makselon 

 s. 127-138

Wpływ Jana Pawła II na Polaków

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ks. Maciej Ostrowski 

 s. 139-154

Turystyka w myśli Jana Pawła II

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