Frame programme

24.08.2013 (SAT) - arrival of participants

25.08.2013 (SUN) - conference opening, scientific sessions

26.08.2013 (MON) - scientific sessions, CWG technical meeting

27.08.2013 (TUE) - scientific sessions, conference closure, transfer to Zakopane

28.08.2013 (WED) - field trip in the Tatra Mts

29.08.2013 (THU) - field trip in the Carpathian Foothills, return to Kraków

The conference is planned to start on August 25 in the morning (c. 10:00), so we recommend arriving the evening before. Registration desk will operate on August 25 from 8:00 to 16:00 and on August 26 from 8:00 to 12:00.

The detailed programme:

Sunday 25.08.2013

Conference opening
10.00-10.20 Welcome
Marek Drewnik - Organizing Committee
Charles Tarnocai, Dmitry Konyushkov - Cryosol Working Group
Zbigniew Zagórski, Cezary Kabała - Polish Soil Science Society
10.20-11.05 Adam Kotarba - Cold climate slope processes and landforms in the Tatra mountains.
(invited speaker)
11.05-11.30Sergey Goryachkin - Problems of classification of cold soils in different systems
11.30-12.00 Coffee break
Session 1
Chairpersons: D. Konyushkov, C. Tarnocai
12.00-12.25Cezary Kabała - Cryoturbated non-permafrost soils: origin, occurrence and classification problems
12.25-12.50Dmitry Kaverin, Alexander Pastukhov - Permafrost-affected soils as the system
12.50-13.15Gabrielle Broll - Cold soils in northern Europe under climate change
13.15-13.40Eva-Maria Pfeiffer, Sebastian Zubrzycki, Lars Kutzbach, Irina Yakshina - The diversity of Cryosols in the Lena river delta
13.40-14.40 Lunch break
Session 2
Chairpersons: S. Goryachkin, M. Balks
14.40-15.05Dmitry Konyushkov - Geochemical parameters of surface and soil waters in oases of East Antarctica: The effects of weathering and pedogenesis
15.05-15.30Sebastian Zubrzycki, Lars Kutzbach, Guido Grosse, Alexeyi Desyatkin, Eva-Maria Pfeiffer - Organic carbon and total nitrogen storages in Gelisols of Holocene geomorphic units of the Lena river delta
15.30-15.55Fabian Beermann, Lars Kutzbach, Eva-Maria Pfeiffer - Nutrients (N & P) in the polygonal tundra - limitation and availability
15.55-16.20Charles Tarnocai - The past and future of Cryosols in Canada
18.00-20.30Sightseeing of Cracow

Monday 26.08.2013

9.00-14.00Mid-conference field excursion for all participants - NiedĽwiedĽ (north of Kraków)
14.00-15.00 Lunch break
Poster session (10 minutes/poster, preferred size of poster is 70x100 cm)
Chairperson: C. Kabała

N. Badmaev, A. Kulikov, B. Tsydypov - Seasonal, interannual and centennial variability of thawing depth of permafrost-affected soils in Transbaikalia

A. Desyatkin - CH4 emission from different stages of thermokarst in Central Yakutia, Russia

R. Desyatkin - Soil of mountain areas in the Northern Pole of cold

D. Fedorov-Davydov, N. Mergelov, A. Dolgikh, A. Lupachev, K. Krivushin - Cellulolytic activity of soils around Russian Antarctic stations

D. Fedorov-Davydov, A. Lupachev, E. Zazovskaya, N. Mergelov, N. Osokin, A. Dolgikh, A. Abramov, A. Ivashchenko, D. Zamolochikov, D. Karelin, D. Shmelev, K. Krivushin, V. Mironov - Soil Temperature Regime in the Areas of Russian Antarctic Stations

A. Kacprzak - Imprint of past periglacial processes of solifluction and aeolian sedimentation on soil properties in the Carpathian Foothills

A. Lupachev, E. Abakumov - Leptosols and Cryosols of Marie Byrd Land (West Antarctica)

A. Lupachev, S. Gubin - New types of organo-mineral horizons of Cryosols

O. Ruzova, V. Domanskii, V. Samsonova - Activity of microbial biota of cryosol and ground ice complex of Central Yakutia (Eastern Siberia, Russia)

A. Tatur, Ł. Uzarowicz, G. Żukowska - Mineral composition of ornithogenic soil from Haswell Island (East Antarctica) based on XRD and FTIR spectroscopy studies

V. Valdayskikh, O. Nekrasova, A. Uchaev - Dependence of seasonal melting depth from the thickness of different soil types (Labytnangi, Russia)

K. Migała, B. Wojtuń, W. Szymański, P. Muskała - A case study on moisture and thermal properties of selected types of tundra and Arctic soils during the growing season, Fuglebekken catchment, SW Spitsbergen

I. Mikhailov, D. Konyushkov, T. Ananko, I. Shubina, S. Khokhlov - Soil cover of the Russian Arctic as displayed on a 1:1-M-scale map

17.00-18.00 CWG technical meeting
20.00-23.00 Dinner/Banquet

Tuesday 27.08.2013

Session 3
Chairpersons: E.-M. Pfeiffer, Z. Zagórski
9.00-9.25 Megan Balks, Joshua Scarrow, Peter Almond - Cryosol chronosequences in an extreme environment: 83-85 °S, 1600-2200 m altitude, marginal to the Antarctic Polar Plateau
9.25-9.50Irina Kovda, Sergey Goryachkin, Anatoly Kulikov, Nimajap Badmayev, Marina Lebedeva, Natalia Chizhikova - Vertic soils in cryogenic environment, Southern Siberia, Russia
9.50-10.15Nikita Mergelov, Ilya Shorkunov, Vasiliy Shishkov - Organo-mineral coatings as the major pedogenesis product and information carrier on coarse-grained and rocky substrates in extreme environment
10.15-10.40Barbara Woronko, Maciej D±bski - Intensity of frost weathering in the fossil active layer on the Łowicko-Błońska Plain (Central Poland)
10.40-11.10 Coffee break
Session 4
Chairpersons: G. Broll, I. Kovda
11.10-11.35Dmitry Fedorov-Davydov, Stanislav Gubin, Aleksey Lupachev - Tundra soils of the Kolyma Lowland
11.35-12.00Andrey Dolgikh, Nikita Mergelov - Pedodiversity in Thala Hills oasis (East Antarctica)
12.00-12.25Olga Nekrasova, Anton Uchaev, Victor Valdayskikh - Humus of forest-tundra soils located in permafrost (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Russia)
12.25-12.50Cezary Kabała, Bartosz Korabiewski - Advances of Cryosols development on uplifted marine terraces, SW Spitsbergen, Svalbard
12.50-13.15Wojciech Szymański, Stefan Skiba - Soils of the Fuglebekken catchment (SW Spitsbergen)
Conference closure & final discussion
Chairpersons: S. Goryachkin, D. Konuyshkov, C. Tarnocai
14.00-15.00 Lunch break
15.00-18.00 Transfer to Zakopane

Wednesday 28.08.2013

7.30-18.00 Field trip in the Tatra Mountains
19.00 Bonfire

Thursday 29.08.2013

8.00-10.00 Transfer from Zakopane to Gaik-Brzezowa
10.00-13.00 Field trip in the Carpathian Foothills
13.00-15.00 Return to Cracow
6th ICC Kraków 2013